“Picked up some really soft socks for my wife. She loved them. Also scored real bamboo kitchen utensils they’re all we use now! Good deals great atmosphere right by Whole foods.”
Keith W.
“I had never been nor seen this store before so i was intrigued… Walked in and was blown away at all of the wonderful gifts and eco friendly whatnots… Ended up getting a couple of glass Lifefactory waterbottles for friends as gifts… The woman at the checkout was amazing and very sweet…she asked if it was a gift and she wrapped it up in a cool bag with tissue paper for free…AMAZING
Lisa G.
“I’ve been shopping at the TWIG since 2009. Every time I think I have all I need, I wander back into the store only to find more sustainable items that I should be using. I shop for my grandchildren there and they are thrilled with the gifts. The customer service is exemplary. So I feel great about shopping and doing some small part in saving the planet… or at least not destroying it.”
Barbara H.
“This is a really cool store for the eco/enviro mind set. It’s a neat concept and a pretty decent location for us (walking/biking). They carry lots of stuff running the gamut from recycled to sustainable, organic items such as bamboo utensils, stainless steel thermos mugs, cards and stationary (recycled or seed plantable ones), as well as items for composting, etc. They also have a small selection of clothing and baby toys (wood-based, etc). They also have some more unique items like recycled drinking glasses made from soda pop bottles. I bought a few of those for my sister this past Xmas and she liked them. Since I’m a bit of scavenger of sorts, this store was a nice find for me – eclectic yet refined. They don’t have the “cool” factor of stores like Nested in Carrboro…but they have some neat stuff to find. More so if you’re willing to rummage – they also seem to have a few items on sale…so it’s worth looking into. I don’t find them terribly busy – so I hope they’re fairing well in the economy. If anything, go green and support your local business – start by shopping here if you can!”
Dan C.
“I was really impressed with Twig’s inventory. (Finally a place in town to buy Klean Kanteen water bottles!) Staff is friendly and helpful– great selection of eco-friendly items. Store is located a couple of doors down from Whole Foods. Definitely worth checking out.”
Sara A.
“Really cool store with good prices. I got some carved earrings here that are very unique. Next visit I want to get a bento box to replace my current lunchbox situation. Staff are very friendly and helpful.”
Meg T.
“I was curious and wandered into this store after shopping at WholeFoods the other day and to my delight I walked out with two really cool recycled plastic mats for my house…and they were on sale! Twig is a little treasure of a store where you can find nifty, eco-friendly novelties or really sturdy, durable and eco-friendly household items (like recycled plastic decorative mats), as well as organic baby clothes and toxin-free toys. I highly recommend checking Twig out for fun and unique, earth-friendly gifts for the holidays!”
Paige T.
“Everyone’s going green these days, and now you can too. Twig offers sundry household items that are eco-friendly (local/organic/sustainable/fair-trade/by-products/­and/or/not-tested-on-beast-or-brute). Stock up on bamboo bowls or non-toxic toys and pet products. They even have a whole line of clothing (organic cotton, hemp, soy) for adults and kids — though the clothes are a little granola for my taste, it’s all presented in a very appealing, browse-friendly way. And it’s great to see a store promoting environmental consciousness!”
Cristina G.
“I don’t normally go for eco-freak stores (green stores, whatever), but this is just fantastic. I have never seen a store that takes eco-friendly measures to such creative extremes. They actually have pads of paper that are made entirely out of elephant poo (their words, not mine). I mean, I enjoy destroying the environment as much as the next guy, but products made of elephant excrement are just excellent. They dye their clothes with clay, too, which is pretty neat. On the subject of the clothes: These are great. Their sense of style is very understated, but all the items are attractive, well-priced, and feel great. The staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable about what’s going on… You get the feeling that they’re really happy to be working there and spreading the message. I’d love to see more of this place.”
William J.
“Dear Shawn, Congratulations on the Green Award. You deserve it! Your store is small and relatively new but my favorite because as I have browsed and bought since you opened, I have come to trust your choices for a green planet.Aside from that you always have interesting, new items that spark my imagination. Thanks for that.”
Maria D.
“I truly enjoy shopping in your store. It is refreshing to encounter a retailer dedicated to green initiatives, while providing fun and interesting products. Keep up the good work!”
I visited Twig this week, a unique store here in the Triangle (Chapel Hill) that sells sustainability, community and eco-awareness at sustainable prices, and this weekend (May 17) they are partnering with local non-profits, but more on that later. I loved talking with the staff. The owner shared that everything in the store has a story, and the staff will enthusiastically share the stories with you. Some items are practical, like the smart strips that reduce phantom power usage in your home, the LED lightbulbs that will one day replace CFLs, the Envirosax for fun and stylish shopping, stainless steel water bottles and Dynamo rechargeable radio and flashlights. Some items are beautiful, such as the garden tools, the Bambu kitchenware, the Reinbarnation pieces by Roger Dinger, a Chatham County Artist, and the salt rock lamps from the Himalayans that help reduce allergies. Some items are child friendly, like the cooperative games (lets play together, not against each other), organic and locally-made baby clothing and USA-made wooden toys. Some of the toys (like the cars in the slideshow below) are for the kid in ALL of us… or the jewelry, which is fun, sustainably made and sophisticated. Mainly, I walked away KNOWING that Shawn Slome (the owner) and his staff know that sustainability is not a catch phrase du jour. It isn’t about carrying all “organic”, or all “local” goods. It isn’t about novelty. And it certainly isn’t about being a crunchy granola or extravagantly priced. Sustainability is about supporting your local community through a harmony of ideals. That’s pretty amazing
Ashley S.

99 South Elliott Road
Chapel Hill, NC 27514