Green Living in Practice

Shawn Slome, Founder Twig | Green Living

Shawn opened Twig in 2007. He is actively involved in environmental policy reform, and takes great care in keeping his staff up-to date on important new products and ideas.

“We cultivate a positive, empowering work environment at Twig. We train our staff thoroughly so they can help educate our customers regarding the values and benefits of our products. We’re serious about our work without taking ourselves too seriously.”

When not at the shop, Shawn enjoys gardening and building rock sculptures at his home in the woods.  He is also a skilled woodworker and carpenter. He and his wife designed and built a solar home which was completed in 2006.  They are members of the NC Green Power Program.


Kathy Peillot

From: “France. I’ve lived in Chapel Hill for 10 years.”

Favorite Twig Product: “Seed Savers Exchange Seeds and Organic Synergy Clothing, and everything green living.”

Something you wouldn’t know about me: “I love yoga, movement arts, and gardening. I especially love to learn about different cultures and languages.”

Photo taken at a community garden in Brussels.

Liz Mihalik

From: “Originally born in Florida, moved around a bit as a child, attended UNC and became a Carrboro townie.”

Favorite Twig Product: “Smiling elephant jewelry: handmade with amazing vibes and great stories! A part of green living is buying locally.”

Something you don’t know about me:  “I have two horrible but cute cats. I also like starting knitting projects but rarely finishing them.”


Shawn Slome, Owner

From: “South Africa, lived in Chapel Hill since the 4th grade.”

Favorite Twig Product: “Anything that sells well.”

Something you wouldn’t know about me: “When not at he shop, I enjoy woodworking and “dumpster diving” for cool useful discards. I practice green living in any aspect of life possible.”

Heather Smith

From: “Central IL.  I’ve lived in Chapel Hill for 10 Years.”

Favorite Twig Product: “Glass Nail Files, LifeFactory Water Bottles, and Planetbox.”

Something you wouldn’t know about me: “I like to upcycle. It’s my favorite way of green living “

Sallie Taylor-Parker

From:  “I have moved around a bunch but North Carolina has always been my home.  I was born in Chicago, and then moved to Durham; from there I went to Atlanta.  Then I moved to Spartanburg, and now I have once again relocated to North Carolina, this time to Chapel Hill.”

Favorite Twig Product: “My personal favorites are the adult coloring books.  For me the coloring books are a perfect way to pass the time but I also find it very therapeutic. Since they are made of recycled paper, I feel good about green living”

Something you wouldn’t know about me:  “I am very creative.  I am an artist who paints and makes mixed media pieces, including friendship bracelets, flower crowns, dream catchers, tie-dye, and sharpie art.”

Lianne Won-Reburn, Graphic Designer

Favorite Twig Product?: “Charles Viancin suction lids and all the other awesome kitchen gadgets! If it has to do with Twig Green Living, I love it”

From: “Raleigh. Schooled in New York, then lived in Atlanta, Istanbul and Seoul before returning to NC.”

Something you wouldn’t know about me: “I’m an experienced grass-fed cattle farmer. Pastimes include driving a big tractor, spearing hay bales and bulldozing on Marshallberg Farm!”